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For many nature lovers main reason for coming and staying here is river Mrežnica. From its source in the city of Slunj to the mouth of the river Korana on the outskirts of the city of Karlovac, Mrežnica runs a length of 64 km through Karlovac County. Because of the karst terrain and connection with underground streams in this mountainous hinterland, it is among the most complex but also the most interesting representatives of the geological processes and connections.

River and the valley through which it runs is an important habitat for many plant and animal species.

The average water depth is just about 2.5 m and the largest measured is 20 m. It is characterised by strong springs, the long canyon of nearly 58 km, a large number of travertine dams, cascades, waterfalls and lake parts that are in unequal increments along the flow of the river intersected with one another.

Almost a hundred waterfalls, made of fragile and brittle travertine are its greatest specificity but also the most sensitive point. Despite years of efforts, river Mrežnica is not protected by any of the existing categories of protection. We must make further efforts to develop solely responsible tourism in this delicate but extremely beautiful natural area.

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Mreznicki Brig

Mreznicki Brig is a quiet place with preserved nature of Mrežnica attractive throughout the year, especially during the summer months. As part of the town of Duga Resa and four kilometres away from the town centre, in the last 15 years, Brig developed as a tourist area due primarily to private initiative. All tourist facilities are here: car - camping, restaurants, entertainment facilities, decorated and maintained river beaches, tennis courts, sand volleyball, playgrounds for children, places designated for preparing food outdoors, rental of beach umbrellas, deck chairs, canoes, etc.

Duga Resa

Duga Resa is located in central Croatia in the contact area of the mountainous terrain and the Pannonian Croatian. It developed in the foothills of Mount Vinica (321 m) and mainly on the left bank of the river Mrežnica.

Intensive development of the city can be traced back to the late 19th century when in 1884 Viennese wholesaler Josef Jerusalem ( 1850th-1919th) buys property with the mill on the Mreznica and creates the weaving factory, which a year later begun to work.

The main carrier of urban development was a textile industry that encouraged the construction of supporting local amenities to make life easier for its employees: from residential buildings to hospitals, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, post office and other institutions of urban life.

Until the beginning of World War II, Duga Resa was known as one of the strongest centres of the textile industry in this part of Europe. Today's appearance of the city determined the period from the late 19th and early 20th century, and today town is a monument to the once-booming industrial city.

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